About us

Therapeutic Laboratories Suisse had been the leading innovative laboratory from Switzerland with the creation of unique formula that provide restoration of the self-healing ability of human cells. Adhering to the brand concept of health, beauty and technology, working closely with top medical experts from various countries like Switzerland, United States, Germany to name a few, and using the most innovative technology, focusing on developing biotechnology products with international standard.

We keep to the mission to be the key to youthful appearance through the health of human beings, committed to the highest level of health science and technology, most importantly using natural plants as the composition of our products.

Boosting of the body immune system and restoration through strengthening the function of the organs, increasing the regeneration ability of body cells.

Restore of body physical strength, regulate body’s metabolism, hence achieving elimination of fatigue.

Reverse or slow down aging symptoms, repair skin structure and restore of skin youth.

Increase cells activity and accelerate cells division.

Quality Assurance

Only the highest quality ingredients are selected to ensure the best results and the functional activities of the products are fully delivered for optimised results. Gathering more than 1000 top doctors, experts from all over the year, through their devoted spirit and years of experience, creating the medical cosmetology myth of “age reverse, long lasting health”, which helps to achieve the dreams and pursuit of good health and youthfulness.

The Team

Therapeutic Laboratories Suisse research and development team has more than 20 years of R&D experience and with more than 80 years of clinical experiments experience. The team is build up with experts from the medical field, reverse engineering, skin and cells, dermatology, gather from all over the world. They ensure that only the most effective formulation, with the latest technology integrated, to deliver only the safest and beneficial products to our consumer.

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